Rail Cloud

Rail Cloud

Developed by Autech AG together with Schmid Elektronik AG, the cloud-based “Rail Cloud” user software is designed for accurate user-friendly saving, processing and analysis of rail measuring data. It is based on extensive experience in the area of rail measurement technology. In addition to the easy recording and archiving of measuring data, the evaluation and, derived from this evaluation, the implementation of a proactive maintenance system for daily use is the objective.

In the process, the focus lies on the following features:

  • Intuitive and practical
  • Data statistics, graphic evaluation, reports
  • Correlation analysis
  • Wear analysis and modelling
  • Smart maintenance: predictive maintenance planning
  • Platform-independent
  • Minimum IT costs

State-of-the-art maintenance concepts for track networks require a regular recording of the relevant rail geometry parameters. In the process, the recording of the measuring data is based on measurement campaigns and quality documentation after locally conducted preventive and corrective maintenance measures.


The inclusion of the time axis permits binding statements on the wear rate (trending) and an optimised maintenance planning. The flood of measured values and brief measuring intervals makes a software-based measuring data management indispensable.

The measured data stored in a structured database in Rail Cloud results in extensive possibilities for a deeper analysis of the wear and damage state and pertinent mechanisms with a digital map of the physical rail domains (rail network, material parameters, maintenance measures, other influence factors). This understanding forms the basis for a fact-based derivation of sensible maintenance measures. Based on the current portfolio of rail measurement technology (Rail Monitor RML 3000, integrated measuring devices RML 9000 and RailSurf, measuring module MM 3000), the functionality of existing software solutions is integrated and accordingly expanded, whereby additional measuring data sources are taken into consideration.

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