AT VM 8000

Only the best.
In the most
compact space.

All the advantages of Autech consolidated in the most compact space – for working on any clearance profile, common track gauge or tightest curve radius. Unique in the world.

Experience the AT VM 8000

Simply unbeatable.

The AT VM 8000 is the workhorse of the high-rail grinding machines. Its power density is unique in the world because it combines all the advantages of Autech in the smallest of spaces. This compactly built powerhouse enables the processing of all clearance profiles, all common track gauges and even the tightest curve radii without restrictions. Its integrated measuring technology provides the AUTECH Machine Control Supervision Software with the basis for supporting state-of-the-art infrastructure and asset management. This makes the AT VM 8000 unbeatable on all tracks.

Touch the points on the machine and find out more about the modules and features of the AT VM 8000. Click on the arrows to get to further views.

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