All your data at a glance:
anywhere, anytime.

Our user-friendly cloud platform provides the targeted storage, processing and analysis of all your rail and track measurement data and, additionally, can connect to diverse map material.

Experience the RailCloud

The digital platform
for all your data.

Imagine being able to always have a complete overview of all your projects. That is exactly what RailCloud delivers – and even more. User-friendliness was the top priority in developing this browser-based cloud platform. Simple and intuitive to use, it offers the targeted storage, processing and analysis of rail and track measurement data. Based on this data, condition forecasts can be automatically created and the appropriate workflows for maintenance measures can be generated.

Through GIS database connections and various map material, both technical and descriptive representations, such as topographies, map visualisations and statistics, can be created.
In short: with RailCloud you not only have an overview, but also a preview of your upcoming projects.

If you are interested or have any questions, please call us on +41 (0) 62 889 17 00 or write an email to info@autech.ch