Company Portrait

As reliable
and solid as rail.

The trackbed is no place for compromises. This is why, at Autech AG, we have focused on efficiency and the highest quality in rail maintenance since our founding in 1990. Sophisticated high-rail technology as well as development, design and production at a single source have made us a leading international company. In addition, our broad and innovative product portfolio positions us as a major player in the field of mechanical engineering and measurement technology. Because “as good as new” remains merely a minimum requirement for our machines.
Company Headquarters

Demanded around the world.
At home in Switzerland.

You need stable and firm roots if you want to grow into an international firm. For this reason, both the company headquarters and the production site of Autech AG are still located in Rupperswil, Switzerland. Our experienced team of technicians and engineers, who accompany the entire life cycle of the product from development through production to service, always ensures new and efficient solutions. With passion, untiring commitment and flexibility, they actively create what Autech AG has always represented: solid innovative strength and reliable Swiss quality.
Vision and Mission

Achieving efficiency
through excellence.

There is only one way to achieve perfection: leaving out everything unnecessary. Yet it is precisely this simplicity that involves the most demanding tasks – those that we tackle with passion and know-how. We develop intelligent and precise solutions for the efficient maintenance and repair of your rail infrastructure for both local and long-distance travel. Our solution-oriented innovations and services are characterised by technical excellence and Swiss quality. This is the only way to successfully optimise and minimise the maintenance and operating costs of your railway infrastructure.
Production Facility

Freedom for your ideas.

Challenges and difficulties can occur anywhere on the track. But the right solutions all arise in one place: our production hall. We have extended this area to 1300 m² so we can offer sufficient space and equipment to fulfil your specific requirements. In addition to the welding workstations and assembly and service lines, we also have a clean room for the production of measuring instruments and an electrotechnical facility for the manufacturing of electronic components and their pre-assembly. Our mechanical production facility also enables us to rapidly produce prototypes and individual items.
Development and Construction

High standards.
High-tech solutions.

At Autech, we turn grey theory into black and white design. Using the latest CAD, simulation and project management software, we can visualise each of the development stages professionally and in detail. In this way, all actions, changes and optimisations are clear – and guarantee quality and performance in the final result.

International strength
through local supply.

Switzerland is known worldwide for precision, professionalism and the highest quality. For this reason, to achieve internationality, Autech AG relies on the expertise of regional partners who provide our machines with nationally manufactured parts. In this way, we both support the Swiss economy and achieve efficient and cost-effective production – thanks to low transport costs, short procurement times and thus the ability to act rapidly in an emergency.
Quality Standards

Swiss precision
in each part.

Autech AG is proud to have been awarded ISO certification. Through integrated, process-oriented quality management based on these ISO standards, we aim to continuously improve our quality standards and grow as a company. Our products and services thus fulfil the legal and regulatory requirements that have been evaluated and recognised by the accredited certification body SWISO.